Jul 1, 2019
iamYuyaSakaki (All reviews)
If you like mecha with good visuals and fun, also for people that want to start mecha, get to have a chance to learn more about Japan and the trains/RAILWAY,there too, you in for some badass knowledge XD, people MUST WATCH this one Shinkansen.

This is like the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V of mecha. not your standard thing and more people need to watch both. Both are very FLASHY and has that SPIRIT AND ENERGY !!!!! The ANIMATION of Shinkansen is GODLY during transformation sequence of the Shinkansen trains (bullet trains/super high speed trains) to robots, BEST I'VE SEEN, dude I've seen a lot of robot anime. THIS IS GOOD. THEY ARE DIFFERENT SERIES/MODELS OF SHINKANSEN E5 E6 E7, etc. transform to BADASS ROBOTS. The robots can also combine, GATTAI , so this anime does not miss out on that traditional Classic part of mecha. The trains/robots also got BADASS NAMES like Hayabusa, Doctor Yellow for example, The Fantastic designs and names are BASED ON THE REAL THING IN REAL LIFE too. As you watch the anime you might start obsessing with the Shinkansen and Shinkansen knowledge too like the main character!!!

Fights, the robots have feet equipped with wheels cause original part are wheels of the train so they can slide and ice skating around to fight in addition to running, REALLY COOL. ROBOT GOT GOOD WEAPONS, (Sword, guns, drill, charge blast, etc.) Characters are all really likable. Best part, the kids don't just sit and pilot the mecha using joysticks, they fighting as the mecha. MAKES IT SO MUCH MORE ENTERTAINING AS MECHA! Kinda like Wii sports where instead of pressing buttons on the controller to swing a bat, you actually swing the controller yourself.

Character designs and personality excellent too, from the kids, to the aliens, to the commander officers. THE GIRLS ARE PRETTY CUTE !!! For all you that like anime BOTH Arc-V and Shinkansen are example of a PERFECT 10!