Jul 1, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Let me tell you first off, tokyo movie theaters are not cheap!!! $20 for a ticket are you insane?! I'd better be getting my money's worth if I'm paying that much. Like this movie better change my life.

Next I want to let you know that I've never read the source, or heard of this title before watching this movie. So this review is my impression of the movie watching it blind.

Story - 4
It actually started off really great in my opinion. The premise of a boy who was raised in the wild is not something entirely new but still very interesting. And it was going so well until somewhere halfway through the movie... UNIVERSE, COSMOS, GALAXY... Like WTF was I watching? I'm sorry for all the people who liked this movie but it just felt totally random to me in terms of the story. I can't actually imagine how you make any sense of what I just watched. I feel like they literally let a 5 year old write the story and you might think I'm joking but that's really how it is. Sure the animation is great but the story...

Art - 10
I don't think anyone can argue how breathtakingly amazing the art was. Watching this movie is like watching an animated version of the big book of marine life encyclopedia. Definitely watch this movie if you want to learn how to draw any fish. If nothing else, this is definitely one of the "best animated" movies (not to be mistaken with best "animated movies")

Sound - 9
Is the rubber band an instrument?
Kaijuu no Kodomo would say: Yes, yes it is!
Mysterious, eerie, a sense of wonder and excitement. Wonderfully orchestrated and beautifully directed. Who doesn't love this kind of music? One thing's for sure: they definitely spared no expense in the sound and animation budget.

Character - 5
The designs are really nice and unique. There's a lot of mystery with how the characters were introduced which I think is fine in itself. Unfortunately, the story is just so weird that it's hard to make sense of anything the characters are thinking, if they are thinking anything. You can't tell what the hell is going on and there's barely any explanation either.

Enjoyment - 4
As someone who's never read the source or remotely heard of the title before watching this I felt like a fish out of water (pun intended). Maybe they cut a lot of material from the source. Maybe the writing is just bad. Maybe maybe maybe... From my perspective, the story is just weird. At the very least, I enjoyed the animation.

Overall - 6
I would definitely recommend it, even just for the beautiful animation. But definitely not for anyone who's looking for any coherent story or emotional impact.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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