Jun 30, 2019
Grizzziff (All reviews)


I waited 6 long months to watch this movie! The wait was ever so justified by a solid hour and forty four minutes of Natsume and the Book of Friends feels train. I am quite obviously a fan of the series, and while I feel this feature film is very watchable as a stand alone media; I do recommend
watching the series in its entirety first. It will only make this gem shine that much brighter.

The story for Utsusemi ni Musbu plays along like an extended episode of the Book of Friends regular series. There are quite a few events and multiple tangent lines laid delicately together in this bonus time, including extended visits into both Natsume Takashi's and Natsume Reiko's past. Even with the plethora of content, the film brilliantly says true to "Natsume" story telling format. I even dare to say the plot line is almost even predictable, but in a very familiar giving the fans exactly what they want sort of way. In the film you will be privileged to a few bits of life lesson grade material, and the emotional train ride will have you appreciating life, as your heart gets trapped in the pseudo nostalgia the film creates. Natsume and the Book of friends is a fantastic fable, and the Natsume Movie a brilliant chapter to be counted among the media. For the content, as well as pairing with the franchise the story gets a [10/10] from me.

While anyone could argue about the art for the film being "dated", this is the only style I would have accepted a full length Natsume film to be animated in. In my heart it will always be as that world should, and I would probably feel scorned if they attempted to "modernize" the content. That being said its not terrible by any means. The landscapes are consistent, and the moving animations are fluid. A lot of effort went into creating this film and it shows. [9/10]

That ending theme song, queue the water works. Once I was done sniffling, I felt super content. It was the perfect dessert for the multi course feast that was this movie. The voice actors brought their best work in as a few of the scenes were laid on a little thicker than others. Oh the spoilers I could mention, but any fan of the franchise will find them, and first time viewers will be immersed by the commitment. [9/10]

Characters get a [10/10]. This is where I am particularly bias. The individuals of this series and the relationships they share are what carry the viewer through an often episodic format. To get to spend time with them again in this film, is just a very satisfying familiar feeling. Probably the biggest reason I will once again recommend watching the show before this film. If you cant be convinced, there is a drunkard glutton kitty of bad ass and fluff.oozing sarcasm. You will be a fan, guaranteed.

I definitely enjoyed it, [10/10] but this is a shōjo, drama type film, so if you are going into it thinking to find epic fight scenes or a sinister/victorious type power arch. You might want to think about checking out a different film.

With my predisposition confessed, I still give the BOOK of FRIENDS movie, a [9/10]. It's a safe watch if you are a fan of the series, and even though I say a third time, "watch the series first", this film could serve as a good hook into the franchise. Either way, not a bad waste of time.

- Grizzziff