Jun 30, 2019
Ryougine (All reviews)
We must not criticize if we fail to grasp the general point of the show and the many small clues that perhaps have been overlooked. My 10 is generous and very much dictated by the heart, but if there is one thing on which objectively the "Attack On Titan" is strong it is precisely the general plot, the fact that everything is connected according to the plan of the mangaka and that some things are taken at a distance of half or whole seasons; it is an anime that would be better to look actively, asking questions and theories which perhaps its source gonna end very soon.

The first season starts very well, at a certain point it slows down due to some episodes and presents some filler episodes in which the plot basically continues only in the last few minutes, but then takes up a more organic and effective structure towards the end of the season and then with the seasons 2, 3 and part 2 of season 3. The general plot is full of mysteries that are not thrown away, but in which we must also collect the pieces, but in general there is the beautiful sensation of a story of which the author already knew the general narrative framework and did not moves blindly.

The episodes manage to keep the attention always high and to involve the viewer at all times. Each character has its own personality and it is impossible not to empathize with at least one of them. Their design is varied and each is well characterized. Especially Erwin. I think his "Fate" was well thought by the author even tho I'd have preferred him over Armin. Oh well, he wants to go to see that damn sea. I honestly didn't like this part at all. While everything else is almost perfect this scene quite triggered me a lot. It just seems too damn convenient for the plot itself and for his friends. Why not choosing Erwin? Seriously though, why not him? Dammit Levi.

The animation reach very high levels. The contrasts, the colors, the lights and the character design are of excellent workmanship and beautiful to look at, but there is a flaw. To the detriment of the manga, this embellished graphic makes the titans less fearful and disturbing, which in theory would be one of the points of greatest strength, but at least the splatter phases are not lacking. In some parts there is also CG graphics, but they don't last that long.

If I have to find a real flaw in this work it is, paradoxically, also its best value. It's all part of the plan. Every scene, speech, move or other is part of a perfect network created by the author. Nothing happens by chance, nothing at all. In a story like this a stroke of luck (or misfortune) dictated solely by chance would fit neatly. I conclude by recommending obviously the vision of the anime if you haven't already and pointing out a detail: I struggled a lot to choose a favorite character and I would hope not to have been the only one. In the end, Sasha and her inseparable potatoes captured my heart.