Jun 30, 2019
Yukikaze_sama (All reviews)
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai is without a doubt one of the best harems I’ve seen. And I watched a lot of those. Part of its strength is that it wasn’t carried by single strong point, but rather was solid all around:
The most important part of harem are, obviously, waifus. It’s pretty normal to have one main girls and “fodder” that is meant to lose. Or even if that’s not the case, harems rarely offer more than 1 or 2 interesting picks. BokuBen wins at both of those. Not only all girls get more or less equal development and chances to win, they also all have top tier waifu potential. Yes, to my surprise, every single of them is great, to the point that I can’t decide which one I’d call “best girl” or pick myself. On top of it, Yuiga himself is not a bad character too.
Being a rom-com, this anime doesn’t offer much in terms of story. At the same time it’s still executed nicely. All the comedic moments, developments, fanservice etc scenes are rather reasonable and don’t feel forced. Pacing is good and comedy level above average. What more could I ask for?
What really helps with everything else is art. It’s awesome. No, it’s not some crazy quality, high budget stuff. On that front it’s rather average. What makes it special is style that fits sooo well with the characters and lighthearted atmosphere of story. The way girls are drawn is both cute and pretty and their emotions are shown in really captivating way.
Overall it is, as I said, very solid harem. Some might find it forgettable and doesn't bring anything new to the table ("generic" lol), but I believe any fan of the genre will appreciate what it has to offer.