Jun 30, 2019
Shirai-chan (All reviews)
Okay, I have watched a decent amount of ecchi, harem romcoms but for some reason, this feels special to me. I already felt this way before since I read the manga before the anime aired.

Bokuben, a RomCom with harem and studying, feels familiar right? Though this kind of plot has been used in a couple animes this still has a special place in my heart.

Story 8/10: The plot was pretty interesting. It pretty much circles around the "studying plot" if it's not yet obvious lmao. a poor guy teaches a couple of girls with their weaknesses in studying and starts to like our mc, Nariyuki, no shit.

Art 9/10: The colors used here was very nice. It's very bright,cheerful and vibrant . The colors aside, the art here compared to the manga is definitely better and improved. In the manga, Furuhashi's hairstyle was Twintails but here is straight. I wonder why they changed it. All the characters are still very pretty nonetheless.

Sound 9/10: The sounds are something I don't really mind because I'm too focused into the anime but I'll just say what I recall. I'll start first with the amazing OP, Seishun Seminar. The op was very cheerful and lively, and it really fits the anime. Just listening to it will make you want to study. Too bad Kirisu Sensei didn't have a part in the OP. About the ost's, it also fits the situation and really brings out its true magic, it's really nice.

Character 8/10: The characters were pretty okay, it's what you expect from a harem Romcom. The characters portrayed different attitudes and that really makes it fun to watch

Enjoyment 9/10: I definitely enjoyed this ALOT, from the opening until the end. I don't even know why this is rated lower than I expected. If you are wondering if this is worth watching,

Overall 9/10: Out of all positive things I say about this, I still can't count this as a masterpiece anime, though this is really amazing and fun to watch. It's because you can already see a lot of animes that has the same pattern as this so it makes it easy to predict. Don't get me wrong, this is really great and fun to watch. I recommend it to anyone.