Jun 28, 2019
anodasin (All reviews)
I'm gonna write a review as human as possible. I won't make any arguments.

Story 9/10: The story is quite attractive. I promise you all ecchi fan. This is going to be fun. But, sorry there is no extreme fanservice there. It's all about one natural born hentai dere girl who meets the kindest boy ever. I can't say he is a man because he is too stupid to become a man. You'll know what I mean.

Art 7/10: Seven is my average score. Nothing problem.

Sound 9/10: OP and ED was catchy as hell. My most favorited song this season.

Character 8/10: In the most of ecchi anime you may got this kind of cliche; "lucky bastard boy MC", "fake-innocent boy MC", or "real pervert boy MC" who will always get paired with one or more beautiful innocent/deredere/mature/thot girl. What people usually say to them is; "the MC is trash", "this show is garbage", etc.
Here we have the kindest boy in ecchi anime ever with adorable and cute Hentai dere girl. I bet you won't be able to hate the boy MC (except for being too pure lol). Unconsciously, you'll ship them.

Enjoyment 9/10: This anime is very enjoyable. Thanks to 12 min duration. If this anime have longer duratuion, i highly doubt it would be enjoyable.

I'd love to give 10 for the score but i'm afraid it could be overrated so 9 is fair for me. I recommend this anime, especially for Ecchi Comedy fan.