Mar 14, 2008
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
TheLlama (All reviews)
A show about a girl who fights monsters... sounds kind of unoriginal, no? Well, whatever it sounds like to you, this is one helluva awesome show :D

The story is dark, sad and action-packed. I like how they present everything with a sad setting; it's not like it's just one big brawl after another; it is emotions and resolve-strengthening, it's battles which have a reason other than just being yet another battle. The story keeps complex but simple enough to follow without too much thinking "what's happening?"

The animation style in Blood+ is really cool. It's got good shading details, and the characters looks good too; they've got a nice variation of character designs, some detailed and some maybe not so detailed. The animation is flawless; at least no noticeable errors. The background art in this series is amazing; the sceneries and cityscapes are wonderful to look at.

The music rocks too. The OP/ED songs are great (aside the fourth OP, which was all but good), and the background music is just as it should be; moody. It sets the right mood to all the scenes, and it fits very good with the series' sad tone.

Blood+ has the best character development of any anime I've watched. I'm completely enthralled by its characters, and how they change during the course of the series. They're deep, three-dimensional characters, and their relationships with each other are fascinating. I also like how a simple death during the beginning of the series had a large effect on the characters.

What I like about Blood+ is that despite being about vampires, it focuses on almost anything but the vampire aspects of the characters, with the latter being used mainly as a MacGuffin. Therefore, you'll enjoy this series even if you do not like vampire anime, and you'll love it if you like vampire anime.

All in all, Blood+ is among the better series in the vast world that is anime, and a series you'll enjoy watching.

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