Jun 27, 2019
felixlovesanime (All reviews)
There's only one rule that all Idol/music-genre anime shall follow: to radiate blissful joy to the audience. Unfortunately within popular landscape, it seems like such joy is only acknowledged in relations to a certain gender bias. However, once such bias is removed from one's headspace, one may definitely discover something great-- Tsukiuta, for instance.

Personally speaking, sometimes it makes me feel salty every time I see reviewers immediately lambast Idol/music-genre anime, particularly the ones with all-male characters (whilst they have no issue singing praise for the likes of BanG Dream! and Love Live!). Such bias immediately shadows the fact of which these kinds of anime actually tend get lost inside their thrills and frills to the point of which, they all become pointless in the end. On the other side of the neighbor's lawn, however, there exists Tsukiuta and it is unapologetically joyful. It is not to say, though, that Tsukiuta is a masterpiece within its genre universe but it is admittedly a pretty damn effective piece of art. Tsukiuta never gets distracted by its own smokes and mirrors and there is always a valuable life lesson by the end of each episode. More importantly, Tsukiuta is a better anime to watch by youngsters out there as they consistently distinguish innocence from naivete, teen spirits from unreasonable impulses, and consistent hard work from a mere 'aha' moment.

My final remarks, if you're in the mood for something joyful and perhaps you get sick of hardcore Shounen anime every now and then, Tsukiuta would be a healthy detox. For the ladies, these Tsukiuta boys will get you jumping with neons. For the gentlemen, no need to feel insecure or proud: these Tsukiuta boys are pretty cool to hang out with. There's no shame watching some young men do their damn best in life.