Jun 24, 2019
KANLen09 (All reviews)
The most severely underrated show of the season. Not that it is any good, but it ain't bad either! Quite enjoyable though.

Just by looking at the series title, you've guessed it: it's the names of the central characters of the story: Robby and Hatchi. These yaoi boys, met by fate, go on a journey together to reach the farthest place that space could ever go: to this planet called Isekandar, the place of hopes and dreams that one could ever have. What could absolutely go wrong?

The story is plain nonsensical to say the least, with series composer Hirogo Kanesugi (who composed NouCome) at the helm, plus director Shinji Takamatsu (Gintama, Grand Blue) for his inputs as well. A sorta rip-off of Space Dandy, not exactly, but sub-par to boot.

But where RobiHachi excels, is at its characters, mainly the 2 characters (plus a talking robot). Robby is carefree, doesn't give a damn about the consequences of his circumstances, a ladies' man (figuratively) and all about that money and fame. Easygoing, vulnerable and gullible. While Hatchi is the "bros before hoes" guy, someone who is selfless and watches out for everyone (Yes, that includes Robby and his mind-boggling actions), a young man with a heart of gold. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he is a prince? Rounding up the Hizakuriger crew is the rabbit robot-looking Ikku, whose demeanor is quite the feat. It (or he) is insanely funny at cracking the jokes of the duo, and alleviating any potential problem the duo faces along their journey to Isekandar.

Oh yea, plus the debt-collector crew of Mr. Yang and his 2 minions. Apparently Robby, in order to live a high life, he borrowed money from Mr. Yang and squandered it all, only for him to find out that Robby's endeavour to Isekandar would be a tremendous one, in order for Robby to pay back the insane debt amount. Sometimes I see that Mr. Yang and his 2 minions exist as an antagonist role, though foreshadowing them in this way would not suffice.

So far, characters have been the primary reason to watch this series. But what about the others?

It's been very long since I've watched a Studio Comet show (last was their flagship series School Rumble), but they're in the reins of (the current) J.C.Staff and Liden Films, when concerning about art and animation. Again, nothing great to boot, but also there's quite a substantial amount of it to retain some followers. Some good-looking backgrounds and sprinkle in some 3D imagery, this is plentiful for what it is.

Musicality-wise, I was surprised at how good, no, awesome the music was, from the aforementioned opening dialogue to the OP song, plus Mr Yang and Co.'s ED, to the BGM. Definitely capturing that Space Dandy feel.

Even with the seamless and endless amount of insanity and running jokes with gags that get boring pretty quickly, I still find this a fun snooze time to watch on the wayside. It's no Space Dandy, but at least its a joyride on free time.