Oct 5, 2010
hellain_clyse (All reviews)
The best thing about this manga is the story. The characters, the art, and everything else just faded away while I was reading it. At the start you think that this is all it's ever gonna be. The protagonist met a boy who drew her in and blah blah. To be honest I didn't read the synopsis, so I guess that's why I felt that way. But as I read the chapters, I JUST COULDN'T STOP. I need to know what happened.

The story draws you in, holds you tightly and exploits every bit of emotion it can get out from you. It's about true love. It's about life and death. It's about loss. It's about believing there's some place out there that you'll go to when you're dead. It's about hope. That never ending hope that we have inside us. This manga made me feel that there is nothing more important than love... not just the romatic love but all the other love we take for granted.

The way the story was presented was one of the best I have ever seen... or read. It makes you believe it's shallow then slowly pull you down so deep you'll have trouble keeping up if you don''t get what's happening.

I commented that the characters as well as the others faded away as I was reading it, but I still noticed how good it is that some of the main were kids. It just made the story more believable you know? That unconditional, strong love that only the pure ones can really give.

Over all this manga made me so sad I wanted to cry. Just the thought of never being with the person I love again, or them forgetting me even if it's for the greater good, is so heart breaking I don't think I can get over it.

JUST READ IT. It's one of the best stories ever and even if the art isn't the best or even if the other stuff were average, the story makes up for it.