Oct 5, 2010
SoraXNagisa (All reviews)
(As written on 'The Hateful Anime Truth' on Facebook)

As a pre-teen, I loved animes. I literally walked, stepped, breathed, drink and excrement out anime. During my time, my sister would drag me to the front of the house where the TV is to watch some anime on AXN and Animax.

So I'd like to thank her for giving me this little gem that is Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko. It's fast-paced, action packed, quirky and light-hearted all at the same time. Well, anything will do for this one, and I believe it's actually better than that stupid Evangelion and the stupid expositionsWith that, let's get on with the review.


Usually, it's your typical standard good vs evil anime. 4 ordinary girls become goddesses of their starships to take out evil tyrants from destroying the world... or taking over it. I forgot, it's a REALLY old anime. The story's actually pretty good, with its extra bit of charm and quirkiness.


Well, this IS an old anime, and at the time, the art style isn't like today's, so it's slightly grainy, but the detail they give to the girls, the spaceships and the attacks are pretty much top-notch.



Not much to say about sound except god damn that opening intro is classic. The music is pretty badass when it gets to the fighting parts. Really fitting especially at the last parts of the anime.


My favorite part, the characters. The 4 heroines are really different in terms of style. Yoko happens to be the average all-arounder, and then there's the shy one, the sporty one, and the one that wants to beat Yoko. The modern day version of Yoko Yamamoto would be Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, since they both use the patented 100 yen coins to fire off giant f*cking lasers.


This is actually a pretty good anime. I'm surprised as to something being actually better than Evangelion or Gundam. If you like action, but at the same time a light-hearted feel to an anime, then I suggest you pick this up.