Jun 23, 2019
Sparkiee (All reviews)
Story - high school boy wants free scholarship so agrees to tutor two girls who both suck at their chosen subject. more girls thrown into the mix, kind of generic characters. basically cliche high school harem. fan service included in pretty much every episode as far as one whole episode dedicated to chests.

Art - seen better, the style is above ms paint quality, but wouldn't call amazing.

Sound - sounds fine I guess but doesn't matter to me very much if its jap dub, eng sub.

Characters - we have broke tutor boy who's got a harem, tutoring rich girl, short big chest restaurant girl, childhood friend sporty swimmer girl who has crush on him, naive clumsy ditzy teacher who takes him to her apartment and girl who looks like a middle schooler but her id says 19. not really any development, more fixated on fan service and studying games, characters are cliche.

Enjoyment - I enjoyed the first few episodes, then it got tiring to watch even one every week to the point its not even fun to watch.

Overall - generic-personality harem girls, virgin high schooler who can't make a move or take a hint, fan service and whatnot. oh and imouto complex sister but the show doesn't get into her so that's fine. just another seasonal show that'll be forgotten soon.