Jun 23, 2019
Like the chocolate Maehara received on Valentine's day, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season: Kagaijugyou-hen is shaved onto us like a flash, but the exact kind of flash you'd welcome with open hands. In many cases, especially for “completionists” like myself, whenever there is a piece of related animation to some show you watched, you just have to pull up an effort and dedicate some time to watch it, no matter how bad it might be, so most of the time it starts off with heavy sighs and brush down attitude, but not with this one.

For an ONA, it has to be one of if not the best I've seen. The animation is crisp, out of an official release. The voice acting is on point, and the direction looks like some limited accessed full-blown budget that you'd think they would have included in the parent show, for 8 episodes 5 minutes long each, that would make a splendid 2 episodes that I'm sure nobody would have complained about.

Of course, nobody in class E was ever neglected in the general context of the story, and you can even see that cleared with this ONA, as it goes on focus over some debatably minor characters, and not suck on the money bag trio that is Nagisa, Karma, and Kaede.

Relatively short and very fun and conclusive, it follows the same formula of its parent show where every episode is a mix between and sequential and episodic layout, it doesn't feel strange on the fans for that matter.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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