Jun 21, 2019
Syureria (All reviews)
What is love? I think it's a complicated thing, how can someone not be complacent because of that. Some people have experienced this and teenagers are in this complicated situation.

Is the Japanese anime industry in a crisis? To be honest, I also don't know about this but there are several factors that can prove the truth of that opinion. If from my point of view most Japanese anime has a theme that is so simple. What I mean here is why don't they make a masterpiece with a story full of drama? Forget about that, now the anime world mostly has a romance comedy theme because the two themes are popular with various groups. One of them is "Midara na Ao Chan Benkyou ga Dekinai" Having an honest comedy romance theme, this anime is perfect, but there are several factors that make this anime even more perfect. The jokes followed by the "ecchi" genre make this anime even better. The excitement and funnyness of this anime from each episode is very interesting why is that? There is no doubt that the three genres have proven how interesting this anime is especially among men.

Focusing on a girl named Ao Horie who lives her daily life just by learning but one day her classmate named Takumi Kijima changed Horie's daily life, which at first only studied now became diverse. In each episode they do things like high school students in general but these things will definitely lead to a misunderstanding. Don't think that this anime is similar to the one outside because if you look at each episode that is displayed it is very interesting and makes you not feel bored.

It doesn't matter how good the storyline is, but it is like a spoon and fork if the storyline is not balanced with good image quality, it will be one-sided (come on, this is an anime). Did the anime industry experience that path? I don't know why such questions are still imagined in my mind but as an audience I honestly do not care about the problem that I am concerned is whether they can still continue the work they are working on on their own? It's not just being abandoned. This time the presentation of the manga, I honestly do not know the ins and outs of this one anime, for some reason I did not find in some websites, but Silver Link made a bold decision because they have adapted a manga that is rarely highlighted to become famous. This studio has done a lot of various anime made famous by him and with the name of the studio maybe their sales also go up. The art here in my opinion is standard and as usual there is nothing special.

When compared to art, maybe this is equally important as a car, if the animation interpreter is a machine then this is the wheel. The voice actors are very good because they try to make sounds that are different from the age they are playing and in my opinion it is an extraordinary thing. But what stands out most in this section is the opening theme of the anime itself, how does the opening theme become an example of an anime. Having an opening theme that is liked by various people is a difficult job but here they get it. It is proven that the songs sung by Edoga Sullivan managed to seize the attention of many anime lovers.

Love? Actually it is a complicated expression of feeling even though the word consists of only two words but it takes a lot of effort to say it. Who should express these words? Is a man? Or girl? I don't think that is an important thing, as long as one of them succeeds in saying these two syllables, I am sure they must understand a word that covers everything. Expecting something after saying these words is of course a natural thing and in my opinion it is a reward for having made a hard effort. This story illustrates this where they expect each other but the hope contains only nonsense but they try to cover up the shortcomings. No wonder having shame and anxiety because their hopes are only nonsense but this is a characteristic of each character. Ao is a girl who is perfectly smart and also beautiful but she has shortcomings in love, while Kijima is also like that even though he is not how smart.

I can feel everything from sadness to happiness here. Overall, this anime has met the criteria that are good even though I also do not know the meaning of the criteria that I meant earlier, but if you have watched until it's finished you will understand the meaning of the word criteria.