Jun 21, 2019
KANLen09 (All reviews)
In any typical human non-perverted mind that is constantly filled with Ecchi goodness, I can say that this short is a safe bet between the lines of the "Benkyou ga Dekinai" (or "people can't study") and the rom-com subgenre. Because what you see, an Ecchi WILL ALWAYS be Ecchi, whether subtle or nein.

"Hello, I am Ao Horie, as in...'Show ‘em your A-O-face!'"

Imagine such a parent that would give you SUCH obnoxious names, only to ever silence your future life, in school or be at work. That's our female MC's dear Ero of a dad, likely said the most worrisome dad to ever have, Hanasaki Horie, author of erotic novels (such as Promiscuous Lament, 100 Words of Significance in Bed). And his physical properties (which resemble Inuyasha's Myoga, EVEN similar in terms of pervertedness) give off the high warning senses to stay away from. Alas, Ao herself in the process, develops high evasiveness for the boys in her school, for fear that her father's influence (plus sex) may overpower at any moment.

And in comes the male MC we never thought that would help our female protagonist sort out her issues, while being at her beck and call, he just doesn't give in. Takumi Kijima, Ao's classmate, who harbours a crush on her. Even at the expense of Ao and him being together, and the "sex" hijinks happening to favour him to her, sometimes it's so weird to think at how this doesn't work each and everytime (but the audience all ye knew).

But Kijima was a character whose naiveness I didn't like, to the character that despite Ao's attacks, he respects her space and tries to work out the issues together, if the intention ever comes that he is "man" enough to be called Ao's significant partner. Yes, his character's there for tons of stupidness, but towards the end, his heart for Ao is really justified (with the "Benkyou ga Dekinai" part), and working for their happiness together. NOW that is maturity despite lustfulness and temptations at every nook and cranny (something which most of us have been through at one point).

Plus, having rivals (such as Miyabi) to create some mindless competition is...erm, baseless? Miyabi is like a suporting character that could be easily thrown away, if not for her mindless flirting towards Kijima (of which Horie is definitely NOT a fan of).

Moving forward with the other parts of the short...
Silver Link is a studio of mediocrity standards, with lots of misses and occasional hits, and I can dare say this series falls in the latter (of course, that depends on your tastes). Art and animation doesn't hit where it belongs, but more or less, it gets the job done at the tons of exposition for the central characters, supports and all. But by taking this gamble, I'd say they did a decent job.

Over on the sound department...
Other than the BGMs that "encourage" the sex-intensifying rom-com moments between rivals and partners,
The OP is a head-banger! I thought with this series it's gonna feature some bad music, but this ultimately proved me wrong, and is my OP of the season, dead-set from the outset. A song that sounds catchy with the setting it is provided with. The ED is also good too. Overall, astoundingly good, that can knock someone's feet away.

It pains me (with a smile on my face) to say that this series is really worth your time if you want some simple ecchi-glorified goodness that doesn't trade in with much time spent. Because all it does is more than its demographics of men wanting sex (much less the opposite gender's desire), but it spends time producing situations so intimate and relatable for us to understand. What a show this is, hilarious (save for some puns) and wholehearted, you could find elsewhere with varying qualities, but none so good than this.