Jun 20, 2019
LuluCrapibou (All reviews)
Okay, so this review is nothing but entirely subjective. I'm aware this anime may have several negative points, but I just can't bring myself to see them, or even to really look for them. And I like yaoi, so obviously I wasn't bothered by the BL aspect of MDZS. Well, if you still want to read, you've been warned !

I will begin with the only thing that saddened me : the anime put together all the "past / memories parts". If you're not familiar with the novel, it's a mix(?) of chapters about the present and chapters centered on the past (present - past - pesent - etc). I've read many reviews of people who didn't like that, but for me it added suspens and I was always seeking for more informations and wandering "why, who, how ?". One thing I often regret in novels is that once the main character begins to talk about his past, he tells everything in one go, and then you have no suprise and no question about him anymore. But I suppose, in an anime, it's easier to understand the way they did it...

For the good points I can't be objective, so I will just say that I loved the art, even if sometimes the movements were weird/slow. I already liked the characters in the novel, so with the voices (I wasn't that bothered by chinese language) I just loved them even more. In short, I loved the anime.

There wasn't that much BL in the anime, and I didn't expect it to be present, so really I don't know why there are people criticizing that part. Except for Wangji being angry, staring a bit longer at Wuxian or widening his eyes from time to time, there is nothing indicating he loves him, it could be friendship at this point... I've seen the same amount of love between Naruto and Sasuke, so if you begin to watch MDZS without knowing about the BL aspect, I'm not sure you'll notice it.

Well, to cut a long story short, I really enjoyed the show, but I would still recommend to read the novel beforehand, until chapter 70 at least I think. There are more details, and the "present chapters", by developping the relationships some 13 years after the death of Wei Wuxian, add more depth to the "past chapters" and thus to the anime. The contrast between the way certain characters acted with others (ex : Wuxian and Jiang Cheng) in the past and how it has changed throughout the years just make the "past scenes" more saddening. I cried like never before (yes, maybe it was hormones, but I assure you it wasn't all their fault ! )