Jun 20, 2019
Kevinfu510 (All reviews)
TL;DR: Went of smoothly, but suffers from the same problem as Angle Beats in that it was somewhat rushed near the second half of the show (I wonder why...). Overall an 8 (rounded up) out of 10. I recommend you watch it if you enjoy romance, with a dash of action and a somewhat decent story. Just don't go into the show with high hopes, sit down and enjoy it!

Story is a 7 out of 10
-2 points because it's somewhat generic if you only look at it from the surface, it's a "high-school students with supernatural abilities"; If I took a shot every time a show like that was created I would have died from alcohol poisoning.
-2 point because there are a lot of "time skips" and "time lapses" in the show; making it feel rushed at some points (same issue with Angel Beats, I wonder why...)
+1 point because the romance element in the plot was sweet.

Art is a 8 out of 10
There is nothing spectacular about the art for this show, but there is also nothing bad about it either. Character faces are animated adequately which adds to the comedic effect. the "Action" scenes (if you want to call it that) are above average as well. A solid 8 out of 10 (nothing much to say about it).

Sound is an 8 out of 10
-1 point for Engrish, a problem that plagues Anime, but there are characters that are supposed to be foreigners so they could have hired proper VAs for that.
-1 point for the OP being forgettable. The ED is decent; I would put it on repeat a couple of times.
(+2 for Ayaneru, but that is a biased opinion so it does not count towards the score.)

Character is a 6 out of 10
-2 points for lack of character development for half of the characters.
-1 point because other than our main characters, you really don't care much of the others (because there is no reason to).
-1 point because some decisions that the characters make are questionable at best..

Enjoyment is a 7 out of 10
I will be lying if I said I did not enjoy the show.Totally fangirled hard at some scenes (you probably know which ones if you've watched the show). However, I have to deduct a few points because there are a few scenes scattered here and there that I did not particularly enjoy. Chances of me re-watching this show is pretty low.