Oct 4, 2010
marick251 (All reviews)
now as you are reading this and seeing that i gave this anime a 10, you maybe thinking that i really overrate this anime or that i'm really lenient when scoring there things. well maybe you're right, maybe i do give out too many 10s. but that because i think it really deserves it. and here why

story- 9
the story most revolved around the three sisters, Futaba, Hitoha, and Mitsuba. at first i thought it would circle around the teacher yabe, which it didn't and that made me glad since he was kinda of dull and whinny. now every episode of this series has a style, like Azumanga, where is it like a random scene then it transition to another scene and each episode has like 4 or 5. as you know random scene does not make a complex story and i'm ok with that as long as it make me laugh and it sure does. ok i will say this now. 80 to 90% of this anime's joke come from misunderstanding. i really love it but if you hate joke like this then i recommend you stay way from it. the only problem is that if there it gets a little repetitive since they use it a lot and i guarantee if they had 26 episodes instead of 13 then the these joke would get stale and old by like 18

art- 8
the art was good nice and colorful. the only complain for me would be that the animation look like it appeals more to kid when it is aiming for teen. and there is a lot of perverted thing in this anime that kid should not see.

now i'm going to talk about the opening only since i did not listen to the end and i really don't worry about voice acting as long as it not really horrible or bad. the opening was so awesome that i never skipped it. every week i see this anime i love to always hear that song. it was catchy, upbeat, and had 3 (don't know ,but sound like 3) great sings behind. the video was good too. i laugh hard when i saw futaba break that desk the first time i saw it and i never got tire of seeing this.

now if you know me (which many of you don't) you know that i think character are the backbone of any good anime and i say "now" a lot. i think this. i mean if someone make the all time greatest action story of all time with a lot of explosion and then the main character are the Alvin and the chimp muck guys. would you see. shit no you wouldn't. now getting back on topic this anime each of the sister is unique and funny. hell even the minor character are funny too. futaba is superman strong but lack a IQ point. she is also very fond of the chesty area. hitoha( my favorite character) is a very shy person but can be very scary since she has the ability to turn into the girl from the ring. and finally mitsuba who love hurting other and think she is better than other but sometime she can be nice which really count.

enjoyment- 10
now out of all the anime i watch for the summer season i think this has to be the best. every week when i watch anime this is the first to be pick and i love waiting for it to come out. it was really great with awesome character and the great opening. it really deserves this 10

you maybe questioning my math right now saying "9+8+10+10+10 is not 10 it is 9.4 which is close to 9". and you are right but i disregard the laws of math and make it 10. JUST KIDDING. i'm not the type to grade to harsh or exact. i'm the type to forgive a little (especially the skypier arc in one piece that shit was long) since i really like it. and now THAT IS ALL