Jun 18, 2019
blitZerK (All reviews)
Knights of Sidonia:

"What an incredible journey it has been". I would say that I have watched enough anime to the point that I can have a valid view on a series and after watching a myriad of anime from garbage to great,this is by far one of the greats.

I have just been watching seasonal anime to the point that I just couldn't anymore,with horrid communities forming around good anime,tainting it, therefore, I decided to take a break and watch something I had not thought about,something that peaked my interest that was rather under the radar or "underrated" and so Polygon Pictures take on Knights of Sidonia was my weapon of choice.

I have done many reviews on first episodes and Knights of Sidonia has a pretty solid one. It introduced us to a rather bland character who is fleshed out based off his situation and doesn't prove to be annoying. The plot and world building in the first episode is minor but its use of dramatic progression sliced through with subtle,understated comedy really did engross me.

Now speaking about the fact that this anime is almost entirely cell shaded CGI, I honestly thought that I would drop the series for that specific reason, but I have watched enough anime to know that they can redeem themselves in other ways,however, Polygon Pictures did one hell of a job making this anime visually pleasing with the exception of a couple awkward angles,weird character representation and random frame drops. I can totally see why the studio went this way.
The CGI makes for enticing battle scenes,pseudo realistic animation sequences and beautiful scenery,aswell as the gorgeous Tsumugi. One gripe I have with the anime especially in season 1 is the weird way the studio made use of lighting on surfaces but that is just nit picking at this point and I didn't notice it when it came to season 2.

The audio is by far one of my favourite parts about Knights of Sidonia. The musical score is magnificent,with a couple dedicated "Knights of Sidonia" tracks which carry over the emotions of the plot in perfect harmony,the dramatic musical sequences were my personal favourites apart from some of the battle scenes where vocal orchestra take over your ears and give you shivers down your spine.
When it comes to the OST you either love it or hate it,I personally skipped it every time as I feel it messed with my vibe when watching the anime especially due to the fact that I was binging it,the ED on the other hand is brilliant in both S1 and S2 and added a good ring to the end of each episode.
The voice acting,awwwwww maaannnn the voice acting is really good. Toyosaki Aki and Suzaki Aya are brilliant Voice Actors who just breathe so much life into the characters they voice. Suzaki Aya even voices multiple characters throughout the series and does an incredible job making them all feel different yet have a sort of relation to them especially in tone.

Now for the verdict. This anime really played with my heart strings,I am pretty versatile when it comes to genre and when it comes to mixing romance and sci-fi, its not very often that they get it right. With Knights of Sidonia,they don't quite get it right but the characters make everything in this series and they are not afraid to show it. This anime is rather old school in its plot progression as it relies almost solely on its characters and that is something that I absolutely love about this series.
Subtle hints to the plot direction told through how characters interact with one another and even down the the subtleties of how characters portray themselves in the anime which is strongly supported by the CGI in all honesty,it is enviable, something that isn't done enough.
This anime gives off some Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu vibes which is especially great if you have watched it before. This anime really makes you think about it and when I say "it" I mean "knights of Sidonia" specifically,it doesn't cause you any existential dread bulls**t unless you really want it to,but it immerses you into its universe,helps you forget about whats happening around you in a good way.
I am so incredibly glad that I spent a couple night of days binging the s**t out of this anime because it really reminded me that there is still a reason to believe in humanity,even if it isn't particularly what you asked for.

Visuals/Style&Design: 8/10

I wouldn't care too much about this category but for those who do.

The CGI is great,an incredible amount of assets are implemented throughout the anime so you don't just get the same old boring designs all the time,other than the generic suits we are gifted with some well designed outfits which seem fit for a vision of what the fashion would be like in such a situation.Character design is relatively good compared to others in it's segment but the anime puts emphasis on how these characters develop and how this is quite literally showed through their character designs.
The Gauna,mech and tech designs are very good and actually surprised me as they all seem very much mechanically functional and come off as "logical".

Audio: 9/10

This is Knights of Sidonia's strongest category coupled with characters,the audio direction by Iwanami Yoshikazu is some of the best I have ever heard in an anime,this is especially noticeable in season 2,it carries over the emotions of the scene so perfectly and fits the anime like a glove.
As I said before the voice acting is incredibly solid,all the characters feel real,even the side characters.
When it comes to general sound effects this anime will have you knocked off your boots,the sound effects from Tsumugi's movements down to subtle distortion effect added in cockpits all make the anime sound believable.

Characters: 9/10

Tagged along for the best part of the show as they make Knights of Sidonia,"Knights of Sidonia". All the characters are layered deeply including many aside the main cast,character building and interaction really immerse you into the series. I am afraid to write more about this category as it may never end so I will end it here.

Plot & Worldbuilding:8/10

I found the plot interesting enough to make me watch the anime. It is pretty unique as it has a lot to build upon,however it was the characters specifically that made me stay to watch the anime and not the plot.
Worldbuilding is gradual but very well paced,I felt that by S2 I was satisfied with what we were given and am adamant in wait for S3.

Is it worth your time?

This anime is most definitely worth your time,however, I would only recommend this to a person who is experienced when it comes to anime and manga as this is one of those anime that newbies will hate and degenerates will by far enjoy. {I may be wrong about that}
If you have read to this point I am very grateful to you and you have my many thinks but if you are still skeptical about giving this anime a go,I would strongly recommend at least watching the first episode before you completely disregard it,you will not regret it.