Jun 18, 2019
AquaShldEXE (All reviews)
This show came out of nowhere and I didn't expect it to grab me like it is. I'm not usually a viewer of magical girl shows but this show alone has caused me to become addicted to the genre. It's not a comedy, not a deconstruction, not a kids' show, just a straightforward action show with fantastic writing. I'm not sure what the intended audience is for this show, given that it mixes cutesy highschool drama with actual violence and adult themes like whorehouses; which is a good thing in my opinion as it probably means the creators were just trying to express themselves, to write a show for them rather than for someone else. There's a moment near the end that I disagree with, but otherwise the show's writing is flawless. And the soundtrack...You wouldn't think that rave music would gel so well with a show about Magical Girl Batman but it works fantastically.