Jun 17, 2019
Acaz (All reviews)
Words cannot describe how good this show is.

While it's true the plot is inconsistent and and each episode has an entirely different story to tell, I still enjoyed this alot, partly because of that. It's randomness shrouded in mystery, horror, kick ass action scenes and fat plot keeps you at the edge of your seat, lost but wanting more. And when you finally put it all together, it just feels so rewarding. The thing is, everything is actually connected despite how lost some may feel. The universe is unique. Definitely do some background research on a Wiki so you can help yourself understand just what's going on for things like; "What the hell is a MPLS?" Or "Who's this Towa Organization?" and then what you just watched begins to make much more sense. The sound, music and animation are top-notch too. I really enjoyed the music especially though. It adds alot and doesn't sound like your typical generic stuff. It's lovely.

So, while I partially agree with every review here, good and bad that raises some factual points, this anime still easily turned out to be a masterpiece for me and I'll definitely be reading the original content soon. Some people claim it's "Too High IQ" or too "Pseudo-Intellectual" but it's really not. If you could watch and understand Death Note, then you're going to have a good time. Please, for the love of god, just be patient with this masterpiece in disguise.