Jun 17, 2019
Arupun (All reviews)
Code Geass is a successful series that bends both event story and character story. Especially 1st season. It slowly explains the universe, the characters and the events. In this way it prevent us from saying "What the hell is going on?!" unlike most of the shows.

The transitions between Slice of Life and Action/Strategy are well designed. Although this is an action series in general, these slice of life scenes, which comes in three or four episodes, are both an important stage for the next battle and fresh breaks for building character relationships. Like Lelouch and Shirley's relationship.

In terms of art, the series, which has done a good job in the standards of that period, can grin a bit in the present day. But that doesn't mean it's bad. On the contrary, I don't know if another art design would suit this series. They're doing a really good job of giving that noble, king, prince feel.

I think there is no need to discuss sound and music. Because as everyone who has seen the series knows, the music of this series is simply wonderful.
Soundtracks are both gives us the current mood of war, strategy, action; and slice of life scenes.

Overall, Code Geass is my favourite series at the moment. I really want everyone to watch and see it.