Jun 16, 2019
Protagonistah (All reviews)
SWKNU or your lie in april is one of my favorite anime, it has a very beautiful animation although some scenes leave me confused with the time I understood that they were made purposely
for the viewer to have a wider perspective of the scene. The history of the anime followed a course that I was finding strange but only a few plots twists for me to have another vision and understand
as the story is incredible. As for the soundtrack: it's wonderful, it has a beautiful OST and its first opening is one of my favorites (The second is more or less), not to mention the countless songs
classic characters that are played throughout the anime. The characters are charismatic giving a special highlight to Watari (Best friend of the protagonist) and to Kaori a character that although I do not
I really enjoyed it at the beginning of the anime with the time my opinion on it has changed dramatically. The only negative criticism I have to do to the anime is about their comedy scenes with a bad timming
which do not fit with anime in general (Those classic chibi style comedies)

Summing up:
Your lie in april It's a great anime about classical music and romance with good plots twists and a beautiful soundtrack, it takes 9/10 just because the comedy scenes DEFINITELY do not fit
well in the anime, especially at serious moments where an attempt at "comic relief" is made however fails terribly.

"Beethoven would be proud of this anime"