Jun 16, 2019
LokiHer (All reviews)
Story [6/10]: Honestly, it was a bit messy. The story did pull me in but then it just got... messy towards episode 14. Though, it is unique because it is about a circus and it has its whole storyline plotted out and, even with the characters. Though, with the characters, everything felt rushed and squishy. By the time that some parts just didn't make sense anymore to follow along with, I have put on-hold the show at episode 16. Perhaps I am missing out but with this time, perhaps reading the manga will do some better good about how the story is with Karakuri Circus.

Art [6/10]: The art feels a bit old-school or a bit CGI but then again, it is a feeling that as if I just stumbled upon a Naruto, or Bleach, or even Zatch Bell --- a type of show. What I mean by that is that when first watching those shows, getting the excitement that the show can be one-of-its-own-kind for which I find in Karakuri Circus. Throughout some parts though, it did bother me that there were some mishaps that I actually did catch of the frames glitching out or not being complete. Especially in the fight scenes. Don't really know how to describe it but with that, that was one of the art issues that bothered me. Especially with blood scenes or type of stuff like that. It was weak but overall, story saves it.

Sound [6/10]: Aha, its laughable that sometimes the mouth movements do not match the voice. The opening and ending songs though were really nice. But then again, speaking about sound, eh. I did not have any such issues with what I listened to. Track was ok.

Character [6/10]: Ah, this was very messy. Perhaps better in the manga. Like I said, a squishy congested bunch of characters. You wonder why the creators would do such a thing to them. They tried in telling every character's backstory that it got kind of annoying and to the point that it was just rushed. It could have gone better, honestly. The characters are lovable though. So loveable that I cry because it is frustrating to watch their development. Perhaps its just part of life to watch characters go through pain, huh. And to add, I think there was a lot of characters to really catch up with. They literally take up one whole episode. But I guess that is what it is in making a manga to Anime and scrunching it up.

Enjoyment [8/10]: This show deserves to be watched or at least trialed. It is just that I cannot continue in this year to watch it any further. I shall return to completing it soon after I heal. I think it comes to 36 episodes in total, but I feel like there's more? To see the finale of the character and stories ending, that is a goal. I will always remember this show as, "The circus and aqua vitae, where martial arts and puppetry play a huge role."

Overall [7/10]: Even though it is just a 7 and not a 10, I would still put this show in my favorites list and recommend it.