Jun 15, 2019
SupremeLord (All reviews)
Now then, it was kinda tricky picking when to review this. Should I do so after reviewing Mirai Fukuin, or should I do so before? Some people have said before, but I ultimately decided to review it after it, as that was how I personally watched these two. And frankly? I don’t regret this decision, as Mirai Fukuin Extra Corus is the most perfect finale to this series yet since the seventh movie.

The Special is divided into three short 10 minute stories, which we’ll go over individually. The first is a story of… Shiki taking care of a cat? Okay, I’m pretty sure something about this is meant to be symbolic (What with the cat somehow representing Shiki) but I’m not seeing it. Either way, it is fun seeing everyone’s favorite Tsundere being adorable for a good 10 or so minutes, and there are some rather amusing scenes here.

The next one is the highlight. After vanishing from the plot since the third movie, Asagami Fujino once again returns, in what’s ironically a follow-up to both her movie and also the suicide cases from Movie 1. What’s funny is that Asagami mostly takes a supporting role here, instead focusing on a new character, Miyazuki Ririsu (Played by Tenada Risa) and her guilt over believing herself responsible for her friend’s death. We know that’s not the case, but she has no way to know about it, which almost leads to she herself committing suicide. Thankfully Asagami (Who has apparently gone blind since getting cured from her appendicitis which… yeah I’m not even gonna bother asking how that works) is there to stop her by scaring the shit out of her. Yeah, it’s great stuff, and the finale is equal parts heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

Finally comes the shortest yet most important of the lot. It’s simply Shiki and Mikiya going to celebrate the New Year at a temple (It’s a thing the Japanese do). In it, it’s mostly just Shiki and Mikiya reflecting about the previously mentioned cat. So why is it so important? Well, the other part is actually about Mikiya’s wish for the New Year: For Shiki to be happy. This gains a lot of significance when you realize that, at least partly, Kara No Kyoukai is the story of a wish. The wish of a young girl to have a normal, happy life, and the wish of a normal guy who desires to be with a girl who is very much not normal, and all the trauma they go through to get it. And as we get some final glimpses of the cast one last time, the final shot, echoing Shiki’s final monologue from the original Light Novel, is of her for once not reaching out her hand for a knife, but for a hand she never wants to let go of, all the while the theme that played during the opening of the first movie plays one last time.

While it is redundant that this is basically the fourth ending to this series, I believe that as far as I can tell, this is the best one, second only to the seventh movie. All plot points are brought back together, and by the end, you can’t help but feel as the credits role that this is truly the end. It is time to say goodbye, and while this OVA may not be the most spectacular thing ever due to how basic it is, it is most certainly a worthy ending in my eyes.

Final Score: 8/10