Jun 15, 2019
A_wild_jet (All reviews)
I see a lot of posts what praise this like: "OMG Jojo best anime big man yes" while in reality, it is a boring anime that is as repetitive as it gets. Many people like it because it brings back the 'macho' character back like the old style of anime and movies. I have seen a few of these and let me tell you this is so poorly done. I stuck at this because I got told it gets better but each episode is the exact same, the only saving grace is the music.

Each episode has the DBZ problem it's either, I will crush these people with my nipples or, my nipples aren't strong enough let me just train my nipples. Let's go down to the overall review though...

Story 1/10:
Like I stated above, nothing impressive, very basic shitty story. They need to hire better writers.

Art 7/10:
While nothing majorly spectacular the art is pretty good, not much to say here. It's not bad, its not amazing its just kind of there in a way.

Sound 9/10:
Sound is good, it has a really good soundtrack, that's the only thing I can realise consider great in this anime.

Character 3/10:
Refer to nipple problem... The characters are all the EXACT same, some are better than others however so I suppose not the EXACT but you get the idea. Not really much to go on but it all boils down too, IM BIG, I HAVE JO IN MY NAME, I DONT LIKE YOU, etc.

Enjoyment 1/10:
Personal enjoyment is low, this is really not my thing but many people seem to like it so hey, don't listen to the review go and get your own opinion.

Overall 3/10:
I don't like it, I think it's terrible but, I know many people who like it. In my opinion, it is very very overrated. I feel like that's why I dislike it, I feel that if I was introduced to it without the high expectation of it being amazing I may have liked it - but instead I got a bunch of people telling me it is the best anime in existence which made me HATE it because I constantly hear about this god awful anime. I think its trash, you may like it, why are you reading this try it.