Jun 14, 2019
Clueby (All reviews)
Many anime onlys of The Rising Of the Shield Hero give this no thought and immediately shut it down. But I'm here to tell you, "Give it a shot, then you can tell me whether it's good or not." Though it's more enjoyable if you do, you can still follow the plot without having completed the main series.

This story is all about a redo of the Shield Hero's storyline but in Godmode, a story about an overpowered character where his flaw is having zero IQ while being absolutely insane and bloodthirsty. Yes, this is the Spear Hero I'm talking about.

Motoyasu returns in time, with all his previous stats, memories and weapon upgrades. Though he tries to search for Filo it is not really too relevant and most of the story is about trying to stop the other heroes from dying. It is so satisfying to see Motoyasu mow down all the enemies with ease, his relationship with his filolials (who he treats as his children) and Naofumi are so endearing. Reading this from Motoyasu's perspective, his inner thoughts are never a bore. Sometimes you can empathise with him while other times, you go "MOTOYASU NO".

Despite it being more of a comedic take, characters don't lose any IQ points and plot and act as they were in the main story based on their motivations. There are still obstacles to overcome and real stakes. Though less than the main story, actions still have a certain weight to them.

I really appreciate this more lighthearted approach to the Shield Hero's story, discovering so many different what-ifs makes for a fun read. I may be biased about this, this story basically hits all of my personal preferences while being pretty well-written.