Jun 12, 2019
Moonshrimp (All reviews)
Sieg Reich! Id like to say but unfortunately this is "your average seasonal anime" After withstanding till the end I can honestly say this anime is a huge disappointment. The story was interesting within the first five minutes but after that it turned into a huge cringe fiesta. Lets talk about the characters. Most of our characters are braindead or straight stupid for the sake of the story. The writers of the story had no clue it seems to continue the story properly or in a interesting way. Oh lets talk about a huge secret just randomly outside that make us lose 100% and during that dont forget to scream sometimes because its okay no one will hear us. They thought. One of our main characters can only say three things. "Ortfine", "I am sorry", and "I will fight for you guys". Her brain has stopped working since episode 1 I guess. Maybe the machine she was put in during the first episode damaged her brain to a certain extend that she could only think and behave like a kid. Even the kid one third her age from neverland is smarter then her. At the end atleast she was able to choose her own fate. By the way why are the writers of this show so obsessed with the names. Can they stop saying their names like for once (Izetta and Ortfine). I got so annoyed hearing their names so often it was unbearable at some points. When they introduced a new villian wow I was shocked how brainless she also was. She was like your average villian. I beat my opponent and dont finish her of because time will do the rest. Oh shit she got rescued what did I do wrong facepalm... The fighting scenes are ok I think. I didnt enjoy how magic was used but thats my personal opinion. Overall this a mediocre anime that could have been better.