Jun 11, 2019
Marian31463 (All reviews)
Choukou Sennin Haruka is a hentai that had so much material and potential to work on which I feel has been a little wasted, to be fair.
The story loosely follows the plot in the vn, and having played it myself, it's hard not to rant with the sometimes huge differences, like so much content and scenes left out but most importantly the lack of a proper ending . Guess I like vanillas endings where foes must fall and pay for their sins.

Ep 1does a good job of introducing setting and characters. Also, Haruka wipes the floor with the gennins only to run out of Sp and get her ass kicked by the second most easiest boss in the story... Which later takes us to her being gr'ed by those same citizens she was protecting from Noroi literally minutes ago.(facepalm)

In Ep2 we have an exceedingly long and slow paced yuri futa scene, which is good but not good enough, later a 3some with Takamaru-sama which recharges our dear shibobi's Sps only to Again get whipped by the same weakling bosses who then get magically whiped by Takamaru's spell?? I guess.

Finally Ep3 gives us 2 scenes with Subaru, one dumber than the next. And yet again the Ryurinkou appears just in time to save Haruka .... Oh and Subaru somehow gets cured.... How??

All things considered, I was glad to revive this story, bgm and these characters with same voice acting in this adaption and also that there was no more rape than was necessary to move the plot along. It would have been great to have a proper anime (ecchi) of this, but given its nature I can see how virtually impossible that would have been.