Jun 11, 2019
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A build up to a battle anime with a very interesting spark of humor and personality.

This anime composed of a lot of really common aspects, but it takes them from a large number of places and puts them together in ways they aren't usually done and executes them pretty solidly, so it actually comes out really well. In terms of the overarching story, there isn't much beyond setting up the characters and systems, and though there are some plot threads that I am interested in seeing where they lead, there largely isn't something at a grand scale that they're working towards, with it largely being focused on smaller stories. These stories have two aspects, the more character focused portions and the more action oriented portions. As it starts out, the action is very simple and it's much more focused on the characters, so it is somewhat slow at times. The cast didn't go through a lot of development and weren't fleshed out that much, but they did get some solid introductions. But more importantly they were incredibly amusing, which helped carry this half of the anime. They're all so bizarre in how they treat each other and the relationships they have with each other, especially Kazuya. This is the source of the majority of comedy, which actually surprised me in how explicit it could get since it's actually pretty rare for anime to have such humor, but in part due to its rareness I think it worked well. Ultimately, I liked the cast a good deal and would love to see more of them. As for the action oriented portions, there's action pretty much from the beginning, but it's really general with the focus being more on other elements surrounding it. A lot of shounen manga start off with some sort of unique premise, and then twist it into being a battle manga eventually. This feels like the anime ended just as it was on the verge of doing so, with the battle system slowly ramping up until the final arc where it makes a pretty big leap in terms of depth and with a battle that while not amazing would be a pretty solid example of a battle shounen anime fight. However, it manages to keep the tone, character relationships, and comedy that it had before it got more focused on combat, which generally isn't the case with such transitions and something I hope they manage to keep going forward because it works well. Overall, the ending very much made it feel like the set up was over, and though there wasn't any overarching story that I felt I wanted to see the resolution of, I'm still very interested in where the story goes.

The art and animation were really solid, both for the lighter character interactions and action. The opening was okay in both visuals and audio. The ED had okay visuals, but I really liked the song. The soundtrack was solid.