Jun 10, 2019
aubreyaylaine (All reviews)
I never would have heard about Karuta if it wasn't for this anime. So I definitely learned something new!!!

Story wise, I feel like it was almost the opposite of competitive style animes. The main character seemed a little more 'human' than I was used to in the sense that she made mistakes and had struggles she needed to overcome. I feel like all of the main characters that you see in the show have a fantastic character development. Hard work definitely pays off!!

The art and sound in this anime were pretty great!!! The art style is one of my favorites when it comes to anime. It was incredible to hear the sounds of the cards and people hitting the tatami mats in the show. If you look up actual Karuta competitions, it sounds the same.

I enjoyed this anime because it was a nice break from fantasy style anime shows. Wonderfully done!!!