Jun 9, 2019
blaice (All reviews)
This is a phenomenal show, especially considering it is a harem-based anime. The harem portion of it is relaxed and well constructed, which is hard to say for the vast majority. The main protagonist is kind and considerate, albeit slightly dense (per usual of a kind protagonist), but not annoying like the majority of MCs in the genre.

Week to week I am constantly surprised by the entertaining additions and writing for such a seemingly mundane topic--studying/school. All of the characters have unique personalities and not a single one annoys me which is very rare for anime characters ESPECIALLY in this genre. Needless to say, I am a fan, and I am sure the last three episodes will not disappoint, as my interest has only increased with each episode.

I just finished the 10th episode and I am liking the show more and more each time I watch it. Rarely have I yearned to watch the next episode of an anime as much, and not to over-reiterate my opinion, but that feeling is especially rare when it comes to a harem-based anime. The show is great, go in looking for a good time and you will probably find it. I certainly have.

(dororo and rising of the shield hero are two other shows I've really enjoyed this "season" if that helps hone my interest and general preference for anyone reading this review and still sitting on the fence about giving this show a shot.)