Jun 8, 2019
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A solid continuation of the previous season that benefits from being less random.

This is another season that continues the strange despair filled tales of the strange Nozumu and his class of strange students. In general, it is very much the same as previous seasons, so there's not much more to talk about compared to the previous season. It's a series of non-chronological short stories that don't actually fit into a single narrative at all really, featuring mostly the same set of characters with a few new ones. No overarching story or character arcs, but rather just small self sufficient tales. These tales continue to be focused on societal commentary, taking some concept that are pretty common but putting a pessimistic twist on them, and then showing off examples in an exaggerated fashion, often using extended metaphors. Some things I should note as compared to the previous season, is that this season felt a lot less random, with it's episodes at least having some sort of story rather than completely pointless craziness as was pretty common in the last season, though the random craziness certainly was there at points. Hence, I think these short stories came through a lot better, and I much prefer humor with substance over absurdist humor so I found it much more amusing as well. The art style is still the same as before, but it seems to be at a higher quality here. The OP/EDs were still pretty strange but very fitting and quite solid.