Jun 7, 2019
SeekingWaylander (All reviews)
*Maybe spoilers*

It's not really a typical isekai as it does not inserting its main character into an unknown world, but rather the main character belongs there. And the world is typical for isekais nowadays - dungeon based.

The title I find it misleading, as most of the action in the anime does not imply the main character really picking up girls in dungeon... and most of its romance is engaged by the female characters of the anime.

The story starts off bland, making you wonder many times why do you watch it, but as it unfolds it does have its share of slice of life sort of, and original plot. Besides all these it revolves pretty much on the main character assembling rather a party of female characters and adventuring into the dungeons ... It's share of romance goes from main character chasing a girl, while others are already noticing him and chasing after him.

A good anime to watch if you like to start a new adventure in some dungeons and defeat some monsters.