Jun 7, 2019
REC3 (All reviews)
Jing, King of Bandits OVA. This is one of the most fun experiences in anime that I've experienced. Jing and Kir are imprisoned in Alcatraz or something similar to it and they try to escape. This anime is surreal with actual dream elements sprinkled in. The fun is as you try to tell reality from the dream elements, as the dreams are the focus of the Seventh Heaven OVA. I actually saw the OVA twice; the first time I thought it was amazing, the second time just good. I saw it the first time without watching the series and the second time after watching the whole Jing, King of Bandits series (maybe I just knew what to expect).

The art in the OVA is excellent as it merges with the sound. This anime OVA (original video animation) ova means it was sent straight to video and skipped TV airing, it brings new meaning to Edgar Allan Poe's words, "Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream," because that is what this ova is about. It deals with if you had someone else's dreams or memories what would you do with them, would you even want them, and if yes how much time would you devote to them. We can probably all agree that our lives are interesting and difficult enough, but how important is escapism, knowledge, and wisdom to you. May I suggest, if you can apply it it is very important.

If you can get this English dubbed get it, it's worth the investment and time. The dub is very good I wouldn't watch it otherwise though (it's fast moving). It's an anime ova that encourages deeper thinking, but says have fun doing it (and does it well).