Jun 6, 2019
Yok (All reviews)
"We don't know enough about the titans yet, but there might be some kind of highly valuable information in my basement down in Shiganshina. We should go there immediately..."

The line that Eren never said. Ever. Seriously, in episode 2 we learn that this basement is extremely important and not knowing what's in there was ridiculous after 25 episodes. Now it has been 37 whole episodes and I don't know what to think anymore. Who can look at Shingeki no Kyojins plot with a straight face after watching 37 episodes of this!?

The betrayal scene was pretty cool though.

ATTACK ON TITAN, your sales were high, you hit your stride
NOT A DRY EYE, when Hannes die-yied, yes we cried, but that aside

ATTACK ON TITAN, your plot has milewide gaping holes
AND IN MY EYES, you mostly ride on visuals~

ATTACK ON TITAN, you were ambitious, you had guts
MAYBE PIE-EYED, some parts were real kicks in the nuts
but you kicked butts