Jun 6, 2019
Sasori_Nagashi (All reviews)
I know little to nothing about the history or production of either Ingress the Game or Ingress the Animation so my assumptions may well be off, however this anime reeks of a soulless promotion piece. A piece of animation made with no intention of actually being good, with no passion to tell a tale. A piece of animation made solely to promote a video game, which I never played.

Ingress the Animation is really unique... It's rare to stumble upon something with this much raw suckage. This anime features truly horrendous CGI in a time where ugly, cheap CGI is becoming commonplace with the only anime I have yet seen holding it back from the throne of ugliest anime of all time being Berserk 2016.

The main cast are made up of extremely by-the-books cliche characters such as the hardened bodyguard who mostly keeps to himself with questionable methods and motives, the greenhorn rookie who constantly fumbles his way through things with luck and occasionally quick thinking despite his lack of experience and lastly the love interest, the brilliant female scientist who wants to change the world for the better. The extended cast does not fair much better, featuring le evil corporation #3908, a damaged man seeking to turn the world into a paradise for himself after growing disillusioned with it due to personal traumas others inflicted upon him and a parallel to the main female protagonist, a brilliant scientist with good intentions who went down the wrong path.

With such lazy characters surely they were able to double the effort into weaving a good narrative, right? Unfortunately not. The plot of this anime is all over the place, rapidly darting from point to point in overwhelmingly break-neck succession, leaving no time between 'twists' for anything to really sink in or have any weight to them whatsoever. It also is heavily predictable at every turn.

At the end of the day all I can really say is I cannot comprehend how any human could possibly find entertainment value in this anime.