May 30, 2019
Teaaa12345 (All reviews)
So I literally created an account just to write a review for this manga, and overall let me just say it sucked. A LOT. Even for a shoujo rommance manga, (I have read a lot of them), with all its unrelastic expectations for relationships and naive stupid characters, this manga by FAR was the worst. Spoilers ahead, but I would advise y'all just to read my review and get the gist of it instead of wasting your time reading this stupid manga for real.

Anyways, let me do the break down.

Characters: Overall they all sucked. The main character Seara has been obsesessed with one guy for 4 YEARS. And her whole life literally revolves around him. Everything she does, she does it for him. Her looks? She makes sure it's to his liking. Her goals? None for herself, except to become his she literally can't live for herself. To make things even creepier, she's been stalking him for 4 years and knows everything about him, and everyone in his get a restraining order on her. And even though everyone in this manga acknowlegdes that yes her stalking is creepy, they just all brush it off in the end like what??? I thought she was a strong willed character at first because nothing phased her, but to be honest she's just stupidly dumb and loyal to that main guy. Pathetic. And the main guy, Shu is even more pathetic. He calls Seara a kid all the time, but yet he himself can't even do anything for himself. He pretends to be a matyr doing everything for his friends, but really all he does ruins everything for everyone. He thinks he's being a good friend for rejecting the girl his friend likes as well, even though he himself likes her. But in the end, that just hurts everyone because she rejects the his friend anyways claiming that she still likes Shu. But at this time Shu already was trial dating Seara...but as soon as the girl runs back to him and cries, he leaves Seara for her, thinking he is doing the right thing because he's caring for that girl out of pity. BUT NO ONE WANTS HIS PITY!! He ends up hurting Seara because even though he was dating her, on Christmas day he runs out on her to go back to the other girl. Like wow what a great boyrfriend. But then again Seara's dumb because even after that she's still willing to like him anyways. Both of these two have no self worth whatsoever. It's pathetic and honestly so hard to read. Even Shu's sister is a horrible character because with the guy she likes, even though she likes him all she does is hit him anyways. No one in this manga has any common sense. UGH.

Plot: I would give this a -100 if I could, all this plot really revolves around is Seara obessessing and chasing after Shu. That's literally it. And even after he breaks her heart all the time she still runs after him. No self worth.

Art: eh I guess this would be the only redeeming aspect of this manga. At least the art wasn't bad. But even so, even with the art being to my liking, I couldn't finish reading this manga because the plot was so superficial and the characters were not likable at all.

Overall: This manga really sucked. It stands out as one of the mangas I have hated of all time. Man I hated it so much, I made an account just to warn y'all. Like even though the art is cute and the summary sounds cute enough, it really does suck. So don't fall for the cover of it. I really couldn't finish it, because it just got harder and harder to read about a girl who literally has no self worth, and who is literally willing to drop her family, dreams, and friends for a guy who literally just keeps breaking her heart. Usually, I try my best to finish things once I've started it, but I really could not finish this one. It was that unbearable. So do yourselves a favor, and don't waste your time.