May 30, 2019
xckc (All reviews)
Spoiler free review.

The feeling I get from Tsurune is both similar and completely foreign to what I have felt before. The characters, though clichéd and stereotypical, manage to integrate well with the story line and the overall feel of the story. While it may seem like a typical bishounen cast, the female members of the club are included in a way that felt natural, without detracting (much!) from the focus on the boys. I really looked forward to the girls' screen time. I believe that I have watched my fair share of sports anime including Cheer Danshi!!, Free! and Haikyuu!! (notice the exclamation marks?) and read even more, like Kurogane and Karate Heat. The vibe is very similar, 13 episodes leading towards a tournament, but the emotional and psychological journey in Tsurune really stood out to me. The art is stunning, and really lends to the classic kyūdō vibe. The relationships in this anime were quite well done, but they seemed a little bit shallow. However, I can overlook the lack of multi-faceted friendships simply with how enjoyable it was. It was a quick watch, and it didn't have as much comedy as I usually expect from a sport anime, but the straightforwardness of the show kept the story flowing and light.

I personally would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a simple sports anime, as it has lovely art and the typical rival and team bonding that is often seen in the genre, along with the Minato's development. It really stands out to me, despite lacking the usual comedy I enjoy.