May 29, 2019
DaCraziGuy (All reviews)
Well well, we got a surprise here. This show had a decent beginning with a weak follow up... but after a couple of episode it improved against all odds, I almost dropped it.

So first, if you like mystery shows or time travel stuff with some weird theories then you should enjoy this. Despite the pretty generic beginning with predictable outcomes during the first episodes, the show started to surprise with things that you woudn't expect and I really enjoyed that. Sooo, the plot is interesting if you like the stuff I mentioned.

The characters were also better than I expected, especially the MC, he has a pretty believable personality and he is more complex than the average... by quite a bit. Some of the side characters are interesting too and they aren't that easy to read.

Now animation, it's good enough for this kind of story I guess, but it has some funny moments.

Art, ok... just that, not much complain nor praise.

Music, forgettable af.

I also enjoyed the dialogs, it really helped to develop the characters and move the plot in ways that you don't expect.

So, if you like some of the stuff I mentioned about the plot, characters with a bit of complexity or interesting dialogs you shoud give it a shot. And just in case, depending on your taste the real shit starts around 4 - 6 so I recommend watching at least until there, and it even gets better after that.