May 29, 2019
Riza-kun (All reviews)
This part of jojo takes place in Italy involving Bucci gangSTARS.
The side cast are quite well developed and likeable. I would have, however, liked to see some more funny interactions between the characters.

The art style(figure proportions) got really weird at times. It didn't bother me as much in the coloured version though.

The stands and battles are getting more and more interesting and bizarre as the series goes on. I really liked the Green Day stand and the concept for it, for example.

The ending felt a little unrewarding because the lead up wasn't as thrilling for me I guess. Don't get me wrong it was full of tension and a great build-up but I kinda would have liked to see a final brawl.

Some comments I would like to make containing SPOILERS (proceed with cautions):
- Our protagonist is Giornio Giovanna, the son of both Dio and Jonathan. You can't make this up. Explains and justifies all the doujins about the two actually. Araki you bought this upon yourself.
- Should have known at least half of them would die because of part 3
- Would have liked to see the effects Bruno's death had on Mista and Trish but maybe not. I was already sad enough.
- Guess Trish didn't become a gangster based on the last page, which is fine by me. It's for the best.
- Poor Polny, he really picks the short ends of the sticks, with the toilet problems of part 3 know... bring crippled and dead, not to mention practically turned into a turtle, in this part
- Was pretty cool seeing a kinda prequel(sleeping slaves) of this part with the OG Bruno squad. Gives you a melancholy feeling because you know half of them end up dead.