May 28, 2019
gilder1985 (All reviews)
So, of the many, many Harem/Ecchi anime/manga/novels I've read, the main character in this one has the most believable/manly personality (in my opinion). I really liked his character, the development/growth of his character as he went through his task. I won't put any spoilers in here, but as a summary: This is an Isekai Harem story with an overpowered protagonist. There is not a lot of challenge in any task he does, but the way it is written is such that it feels more like a slice of life than adventure story. The difficulty level of the task is on par with surviving in the world we live in - the tasks are certainly challenging by comparison of our daily life, but with his power and abilities they are made simple. The female counterparts in the story are all cute; he certainly has an enviable position. That said, I recommend this story to anyone looking for a relaxing read!