May 27, 2019
KyasutoNaito (All reviews)
Strange Dragon Manga Review
By: Ishihara Keiko
April 3, 2019

Overall: 8

Plot: 8

The story focuses on a young princess who's in search of a dragon in order to get back the throne of his deceased father. Though the story is fast paced since it only contains of 12 chapters, it clearly show the purpose the creator wanted the viewer to see. The will of the princess to take over the land and make up for the citizens who was treated poorly by the previous King, and the faithfulness of the dragon in her. Feels like a shorter and simpler version of Akatsuki no Yona. What is interesting on this manga is how the story show that not all we believe is true, that it is not appearance that matters. Yes, its kind of cliche but the way the creator laid it is great.

Characters: 7

Since the story is short, the chance for the characters to grow is critical. If not, impossible. Though it is minimal, the changes of the characters is there. How the guardian dragon excel in order to protect the princess is quite a catch. He change in a little bit of time he had. While he changed, the princess might take time. Yes, there are scenarios where she needs to stand up and speak for herself and that's good. It is understandable that growing in the position she have will take a lot of effort and time to achieve.

Art: 10

How I love the art of this one. It is cool, and polished. Every shade is almost perfect, the proportions of the body is great, and how the lips of the characters were made is really really attractive. It is such a waste that there is no colored page of how the dragon looks like. Just wanna see it with colors.

Enjoyment: 7

There's only a few stories which I love even if it is fast paced. It is because of rarity of the story, the way the story goes without a single loophole on it, with a thought that it really ends there. I love Historical Stories so it is a plus for this one. If only it is longer, I think I will enjoy it more. Since this type of story needs more time to grow and more adventures to encounter.

Ending: 8

The way the story ends by making the entity, the citizens believed in, the enemy is a great one. It is unexpected but expected. It is expected to the point that there should be an enemy the guardian dragon must overcome and unexpected that it is them. That is just how the story goes. The main point is how the guardian dragon accepts his bitter faith in order to love the princess and stay together. Even if he know that it will end the way he don't want to.