May 27, 2019
Superns18 (All reviews)
I'm so tired of people talking negatively about this anime, it's honestly a great series, it's my 2nd fave of the season after KNY. The only thing they need to do is fix the CGI, some of the cuts they make during episodes and slow up with dropping so many location and people names, tbh it gets overwhelming to get 10-15 European sounding place names dropped per episode lol, overall solid 8/10 for me. The premise of the series is really interesting with the fairies, war and political drama that you have going on. Some people have joked that it's basically JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(the fairies), I have never seen JoJo's so I can't comment on that. For me, the concept is fresh and enjoyable. I really love the Character designs, art style, animation and music. Like I said, just fix the CGI and cuts and it'll be fine.

I hope that the second cours in October fixes these issues as they're pretty simple. Once they do that, it'll be perfect.