May 26, 2019
Welkin96 (All reviews)
After finishing Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom I was left very conflicted . At times it is an excellent show with a hollywood esque plot and some excellent directing but other times it is so "anime" that it hurts

The show is split into three arcs with the first showing two brainwashed assassins called Ein and Zwei being manipulated into helping an organization called Inferno to control the entire underworld of the United States . They do inhumane things and this pretty much acts as the reason we get the redemption arcs later on

The second arc is Leon the Professional in anime form and the part I enjoyed the most out of the whole anime

The last arc while really good is extremely problematic ...In classic visual novel to anime adaptation the show tries to add in all the choices found in the game and it hurts incredibly because of it . In a absurd twist the show becomes a high school drama for half an episode and it changes the incredible opening song to a happy go lucky typical high school anime one that doesn't fit AT ALL and It also adds a character that played no part whatsoever to the overall story and I can only assume that she was a romance option in the video game

Another issue I have with the show is the age of the characters . Why this obsession with the ages 15-17 in anime? This show would have been infinitely better and more believable if the characters were 18+ ...It's incredibly jarring especially for one particular character that goes from toddler looking to busty 25 year old in two years while still being like 14-16 ...

What I liked the most was it's at times shockingly good directing ...The ending was one of the better ones I've seen in this medium and that's not all as there are many little hints that are not in your face that tell you more about certain characters ...It was refreshing and a really nice touch

Additionally the show has an excellent OST , good voice acting and pretty good artwork

While not as impactful and thought provoking as it probably thinks it was and while having quite a few hiccups in it's plot I have to say I loved the show and had a really good time watching it ...It doesn't reach the heights of Black Lagoon but it is certainly up there and I absolutely recommend it :)

With better execution we could have had a masterpiece on our hands but as it stands right now it is an 8/10 (Originally a 7 but the ending brought it up to an 8)