May 25, 2019
Chino-kafu (All reviews)
Maybe there is more than one series called Nichijou as going into this seeing how much it is raved and fawned over I expected a lot more, and instead I dropped it after barely 6 episodes and really didn't like it at all.

I completely agree with Japan on this one and think the West have got it wrong I just found this completely unfunny and felt it really tried too hard in that regarded and for me it completely failed in that respect.

Obviously everyone has a different sense of humor, so that is probably where the difference in opinions lies but still seeing people going on about a second series and how great it was, seriously get over it this series went over really badly in your never getting your second series and honestly the news of a dub for this series (which is now fairly old) boggles my mind, guess they think there is some kind of audience out there for it.