May 23, 2019
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)
Loli and daddy/ fantasy

Whenever someone talks about loving a loli, I would laugh at that person. Loving loli is illegal because of the law, and the concept of loving or being crazy about someone so young is absurd and hilarious. Yet, now, my mind has been shaken or shattered. I never NEVER knew that I would succumb to the power of loli until… I read this manga. (police please arrest me thanks)

Story: 8
The main forte of this manga isn't the story itself. We have way too many fantasy with family stories relating manga. Yet, regardless of its common theme, the manga flows as a good normal story would want. So, it deserves a better score than a normal which is an 8.

Art: 10
I don’t remember that I have ever read any manga has drawn any Loli that can make me shout "OMG" so loud in my heart. Whenever I see Latina's expression, my heart melts as if I am her dad... Latina (the daughter, aka the Loli) is so ADORABLE to the point that someone needs to call a police to make sure readers (including me ofc) stay away from her… For that reason alone, this is a 10.

Character: 9
Since it is a rather cliche story, the character setup can be rather generic as well. But!! the creation or existance of “Latina” as a character is Godly!!!!!!!!!!!!) So it deserves a 9 (pretty biased as you can see)

Enjoyment: 5 or 10
I sincerely love this manga (10), but I f**king hate monthly updates...(thus with a potential 5)

Overall: 9
If you are a loli-lover, this manga is like a bible for you. If you new to the concept of loli, this manga might be a great example of why loli’s smiles are so deadly.

P.S. Honestly though, reading this also makes me feel that Dale, the dad, is creating a “future wife” for himself rather than taking care of Latina as his “daughter”… (We seriously need to keep him in check!) (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ ) Latina is mine!! (police has arrived to my house at last)