May 23, 2019
ChetanS (All reviews)
Reikenzan (2nd Season) :

One of the favorite Anime for me.
I underestimated the Anime at first (anyone will) when saw the rating; WHAT YOU THINK OF AS PRECIOUS MIGHT JUST BE A THING FOR OTHERS. It seem to me like another anime with same type of MC who wants to achieve something & he is the best in whatever he does. This is true in case of this Anime too, BUT.......

Why you should watch REIKENZAN (1+2 seasons) :
- Best PROTAGONIST (my favorite) (gave 10 because of MC)
- Comedy
- Learn how to get STRONG (literally the concepts are correct)
- Adventure
- No sloppy dialogues
- Enjoyment (a little fan service)
- Much more

People who don't like spiritual stuff (isolation + death) won't like this Anime cause they have very less knowledge about Spirituality . But guys like me will deifnitely admire this anime. REIKENZAN is one of those anime which truly shows the reality and truth (its hard to explain).

REIKENZAN deserves the rating of more than 8 on MAL.

If you're watching this anime & dissapointed by this review, that's just it. But one thing i will say for sure, it did't dissapoint me. Watch it, it is enjoyable.

STORY:- A unique story, understandable & likable, and also the one i admire.

ART:- Do not know more about Art, but definitely is in unison with other aspects of the anime. It didn't disappoint me. Please see for yourself.

SOUND:- Better Opening & Ending songs. I was listening every time i watched the new episode. Do not know technical aspects of sound, but it definitely pleases you and is in sync with the ANIMATION.

CHARACTER:- As a character, ORIKU's development was superior throughout the episodes. ORIKU is definitely a man one should aspire to bel. Bunhou & Rei who are supposedly the other (main/side) characters who are fun to watch & most comedy takes place among these characters. Other characters are good too. watch it, it won't disappoint. Even without OUBU, this is as same enjoyable as the first season.

ENJOYMENT:- It was entertaining, at least for me. I enjoyed every moment watching OURIKU playing tricks & conversation between the characters.

OVERALL :- Among the best anime for me, mostly because of the MC. There was not much to spoil in this review except it AMAZINGNESS. I'm Looking forward to 3rd season if there is. The anime that deserves more than 8 stars.