May 23, 2019
NEEEUM (All reviews)
The title had me wondering, should it be Date Alive?

Here's a tip don't play with the past any change you do will probably steer the future me into hell.


The story seemed less original than the previous seasons. A guy needs to go back to the past to change the future and stuff and shit and more shit then more shit happens -it's predictable and doesn't seem original. I'll give it a 34%.

Art is downgrade from the previous seasons, I honestly preferred the previous seasons' animation. The animation sometimes seems off (, shadowing needs a little tuning. Well I give it a 48%.

For the characters, they're... ... ... harem characters... I guess? Nothing about them is special, they're just the average harem characters.
19% with me being too kind.

As for enjoyment, I did seem to enjoy Date A Live... But this season was kinda bad. Especially after episode 7 it just gets worse, less enjoyable. I give it 57%.

Overall 40%, a downgrade from the previous seasons. Anyway it's a personal opinion, your opinion may differ, so sure give it a shot if you have that much time lying around.

Side note: Shido guy sounds squeaky like a bitch in the dub.